New Music - July 3, 2018

No Static – Young & Sick

We’re taking a break from the podcast during this holiday week, so I’ll fill you in on one of my favorite songs from this week, “No Static” by LA synth-pop-funk outfit Young & Sick. Readers might remember our fawning over their SXSW performance in March…

New Music - April 8, 2018

Love Like Waves – Friendly Fires

We usually don’t cover more popular artists on here but we’re going to make an exception for Friendly Fires. After taking a nearly 7 year hiatus, the brit pop group is back with the infectiously dancy “Love Like Waves.” Carrying over some tropical elements from…

If you can get past one of the most absurd names for an artist we’ve ever seen, you’ll probably be floored by what you hear. This British female duo makes a uniquely cheery yet dark flavor of electro-pop exemplified in their new single “Falling Into…

New Music - December 17, 2017

Major Love – Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine’s radio friendly mix of R&B and dance isn’t anything new, but its refreshing when done right. “Major Love,” the newest single from Manchesters Adio Marchant, doubles down on both genres for and especially rich song.

Reviews - December 15, 2017

Pop 2 – Charli XCX

Charli XCX is, in my opinion, the most underrated pop star in the game right now. Sure, she has plenty of plays on Spotify and has opened for some huge acts, but she continually goes under the radar. How often do you hear her name in the every day conversations of pop music fans? Or on the radio? Or in commercials or TV Shows? Rarely.

Throwback - October 11, 2017

Zero – Chela

With this song, and in what little Chela has released, you can tell that her songs seem to speak from her heart and her experiences. As a listener I feel close to Chela; whether that be because of her direct lyrics or spot on production, theres a palpable intimacy to her music.

New Music - August 3, 2017

Dream of You – Nite

It’s no question that 80’s synth pop has had a huge influence on a lot of artists this decade. This is especially evident in Nite’s newest album Reborn, in which they successfully take listeners back to a decade dominated by synth pop from the likes…