New Music - January 23, 2018

Fall Into – Hibou

Seattle dream-pop artist Hibou turns to funk influences for his new single “Fall Into.” It’s a dancier tune that we’re used to hearing from Hibou, but he shows no ignorance of the genre with groovy walking bass lines and light touches of lounge synth. The…

New Music - October 30, 2017

The Rush – Treasureseason

London dream pop duo Treasureseason’s EP XY isn’t new, but its definitely working its way through Spotify’s algorithms and playlists by way of the song “The Rush.” It’s an airy tune buoyed by lead singer Jess Bartlet’s charming and soft-spoken voice. I don’t want to go…

Throwback - September 27, 2017

The Year of Hibernation – Youth Lagoon

Fair warning: this is one of those “high school” albums for me. You know the ones–the albums that helped get you through the times when you were young and everything seemed to have so much weight; the albums that made the world seem bigger when…

Reviews - August 14, 2017

Cage Tropical – Frankie Rose

I was only going to review one song from Brooklyn dream pop enigma Frankie Rose’s third LP Cage Tropical, but picking just one song wouldn’t do this album justice. This album is as diverse as it is immense. There are so many genres packed into it…

New Music - August 10, 2017

ur phone – Boy Pablo

I love getting surprise music recommendations from friends. Even better when the surprise turns out to be a truly great band or song. A friend sent me this incredibly goofy video for the song “Everytime” by the Norwegian band Boy Pablo and I was hooked….

New Music - July 31, 2017

Dreams Tonite – Alvvays

Less surf rock than their previous work, “Dreams Tonite,” is the new single from Alvvays’ upcoming album Antisocialites and finds itself at home in the world of sleepy shoe-gaze ballads. Musically, the song is as simple as they come, focusing more on Molly Rankin‘s soft-spoken vocals,…

New Music - July 20, 2017

Cost of the Summer – Night Things

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist just gets me, man. Night Things’ “Cost of the Summer” popped up on this weeks iteration and, surprise, its damn good. It’s got a slick 80’s vibe with shimmering keys and some clean reverb guitar. Vocals are killer throughout the track,…

New Music - July 15, 2017

Three Futures – TORRES

It has been incredible to see how far TORRES has come since the release of her first LP in 2013. Her defining characteristic is her deep, sultry and emotive voice that I found so disarming when seeing her live that it took awhile to fully…

New Music - July 14, 2017

Inside My Head – Toro y Moi

I think I’m on a real funk groove right now and the bass is too damn hot lately. “Inside My Head,” is one of my top picks from Toro y Moi’s new album release. Its got such a simplistic beat with this bass line that’s…