Throwback - October 11, 2017

Zero – Chela

With this song, and in what little Chela has released, you can tell that her songs seem to speak from her heart and her experiences. As a listener I feel close to Chela; whether that be because of her direct lyrics or spot on production, theres a palpable intimacy to her music.

Throwback - September 27, 2017

The Year of Hibernation – Youth Lagoon

Fair warning: this is one of those “high school” albums for me. You know the ones–the albums that helped get you through the times when you were young and everything seemed to have so much weight; the albums that made the world seem bigger when…

Throwback - July 19, 2017

All Mine – Ivy Sole

I can’t remember how I found this song or artist, Ivy Sole, but I just discovered them. I’ve been jamming it like it’s been a new release daily… but it is not. It’s from 2016. I was going to instead write about something recent from…

Throwback - June 15, 2017

A.D.H.D – Kendrick Lamar

Integral to rrrepeat is our appreciation of the music our favorite artists made before or while they were breaking out. The first rrrepeat throwback is, in my opinion, Kendrick Lamar’s best song, A.D.H.D. Based on Kendrick’s incredible catalog of music so far, its hard to…