New Music - May 11, 2018

Lately – Wet

A stunning return to form for a group once destined for indie pop greatness, “Lately” is the definitive song by Brooklyn group Wet. This is easily their best song since 2014’s “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.” After a disappointing debut LP and several recent singles,…

New Music - April 15, 2018

Juicy Socks – Cherry Glazerr

The only comparison I can think of when I think about the path Cherry Glazerr have traveled is that of Nirvana. Both Nirvana and Cherry Glazerr started as dirty, grungy garage bands; lo fi, all over the place with their instruments and vocals. Now, Cherry…

New Music - February 26, 2018

Short Court Style – Natalie Prass

Short Court Style” is the first single from the album and its as charming as you’d expect. What sets this apart from her previous work is its soulfulness; theres some hip hop influences in the beat and her voice is stronger than ever, gracefully handling the songs faster pace.

New Music - January 23, 2018

Fall Into – Hibou

Seattle dream-pop artist Hibou turns to funk influences for his new single “Fall Into.” It’s a dancier tune that we’re used to hearing from Hibou, but he shows no ignorance of the genre with groovy walking bass lines and light touches of lounge synth. The…

New Music - December 12, 2017

In the Dirt – Wild Front

This is most present in their beautiful song “In the Dirt.” The song starts out with a funk/jazz bass line accented with a bluesy guitar riff and a muted synth progression. The lyrics and the way they present them through longing vocals give the feeling of regret or retrospection.

New Music - November 15, 2017

Doubt – Charlotte Day Wilson

While previously leaning more on the jazz side, her new single “Doubt” is decidedly R&B. Each instrument provides that sultry undertone, a staple of R&B, and the backing vocals give a gospel feel that a lot of modern R&B artists are using.

New Music - October 30, 2017

The Rush – Treasureseason

London dream pop duo Treasureseason’s EP XY isn’t new, but its definitely working its way through Spotify’s algorithms and playlists by way of the song “The Rush.” It’s an airy tune buoyed by lead singer Jess Bartlet’s charming and soft-spoken voice. I don’t want to go…

New Music - October 25, 2017

Look at Your Hands – tUnE-yArDs

Tune-Yards haven’t released an album since 2014 but they’re back with the incredibly energetic, “Look at Your Hands.” The song features an 80’s style beat with Merrill Garbus’ voice robotically tap dancing over top. She actually used an MPC to sample her own voice and…

New Music - October 23, 2017

Live Well – Palace

“Live Well” is a beautiful and triumphant song that has some pristine blues progressions and guitar work. It is impossible not to sway along with the intricate rhythm and silky smooth vocals.