New Music - October 23, 2017

Live Well – Palace

“Live Well” is a beautiful and triumphant song that has some pristine blues progressions and guitar work. It is impossible not to sway along with the intricate rhythm and silky smooth vocals.

New Music - September 1, 2017

Czech One – King Krule

It’s been four years since we were graced with King Krule’s first LP 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Since then he’s done work under his given name, Archy Marshall, that was heavily electronic and new wave. He’s had guest appearances on tracks, mostly rapping, with…

New Music - August 23, 2017

Dark Red – Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy is an incredible musician with an interesting story. Forgive me for sharing this so late in the game. If you’ve already had the opportunity to listen to him, I envy you as I only discovered him the other day. Steve is a member…

Reviews - June 8, 2017

Witness – Benjamin Booker

Benjamin Booker. Wow. Done. End of review. It’s not enough to just pick a song or two off this new project Witness from Benjamin Booker. It’s an album that I found myself continuously going back to, putting on in the background, showing to my friends,…