Throwback - October 11, 2017

Zero – Chela

With this song, and in what little Chela has released, you can tell that her songs seem to speak from her heart and her experiences. As a listener I feel close to Chela; whether that be because of her direct lyrics or spot on production, theres a palpable intimacy to her music.

New Music - October 9, 2017

You Are a Star – Citizen

It’s always been harder for me to fall in love with newer emo bands after that “phase” in my life, but northern Ohio post-hardcore band Citizen has changed that perception for me.

New Music - October 6, 2017

Spiral – Wye Oak

They add a modern twist with erratic synth glistening in the background and mostly electronic percussion. Wasner’s voice, as always, steals the show as she belts out triumphantly “You Are Mine / This is what you wanted to know” in the starkly different chorus.

The highlight of the album is the song “Love Me Like I’m Gone,” a folky and breezy, yet heartbreaking, love song. Ayer ruminates morbidly about how utterly destroyed he’d be if his love were to pass, and his hopes that they’d feel the same way about him.

Throwback - September 27, 2017

The Year of Hibernation – Youth Lagoon

Fair warning: this is one of those “high school” albums for me. You know the ones–the albums that helped get you through the times when you were young and everything seemed to have so much weight; the albums that made the world seem bigger when…

New Music - September 19, 2017

Distance Gone – Noble Oak

…Distance Gone is a standout track. Combining dreamy electronic elements with a smooth jazz guitar backing, it’s a slow, floating song carried artfully by Patrick Fiore’s soft-spoken vocals.

It’s Saturday and that (hopefully) means most of us are going to be having fun and kicking it with our goons. Speaking of goons, araabMUZIK released a new single yesterday called Wanted(feat. Nevelle Viracocha) and it is fire. If you don’t know araabMUZIK, YouTube him….

Reviews - September 15, 2017

Communicating – Hundred Waters

While always carrying that electro-folk genre on their shoulders, they certainly were more on the folk side of things before Skrillex recruited them on his OWSLA label. This album is miles away from their folky origins and, to great surprise, it really works.

New Music - September 14, 2017

Dum Surfer – King Krule

I hate to be this topical, but King Krule’s Dum Surfer sounds like a fucking hurricane. The song starts off in an uneasy lull. It sounds like a King Krule song, but why’s it buried so deep in the mix? And, what’s with this churning…